Krewe Pool

ADA Staking


If you are visiting here, you are probably an ADA holder looking to delegate to stake pool.  Krewe is a Cardano stake pool operator.




The Mardi Gras "krewe" is the inpiration for this pool name.  In New Orleans, krewe members pool their resources to create the parades everyone enjoys.



Like a Mardi Gras krewe, we all come together to make Cardano work.  Either as a holder of ADA delegating to a pool, or as a stake pool operator or as a developer.

Cloud Based


To provide the best availablity, the Krewe pool is run on industry standard cloud services with amazing up time and highly reliable internet connectivity.

Join the Krewe Pool!


Since the Mardi Gras parades did not run this 2021 season, and as a long time ADA hodlr and a delegator myself, I decided to channel my free time this season into setting up this stake pool.  As like any new krewe, this pool is looking for new members to join and delegate.  Please consider delegating some of your ADA with us to keep this pool alive!  And tell your friends to delegate as well!


Pool Ticker: KREWE

Pool Id: c569c6b98ab36585de8964effb7e0252f8b71e01f957874d2ef6cf83